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Make your set personal and special for you with our numerous customization options. These products are available from the product pages.

Customized Jokers

Why play with the standard jokers when you can personalize your own? Engrave your monogram, name, or favorite graphic to make playing with your set a unique experience.

$30 for text and $50 to add a graphic. 

NEW! We now offer custom engraving for the special automatic table Mah Jongg tiles. The price includes custom joker engraving for BOTH sets of tiles that come with your Automatic Mah Jongg Table.

$60 for text and $100 to add a graphic. 

Customized Full Set Engraving

If you really want to make your set custom to you and your taste, buy our any of our solid tiles and get the backs engraved with your monogram, name, or favorite graphic to create your own exclusive set.

$175 Plus the cost of your tiles. $35 design fee to add a graphic we don’t currently have in our extensive graphic library.

Tie-Dye Engraving

If you are looking for an extra special way to engrave your tiles try tie-dye! Tie-dye can be done with up to three colors. Due to the nature of the technique to paint engraved tie-dye jokers, specific color placement can’t be accommodated. Pictured is a set of 10 singapore jokers ($75). 

$75 for a set of 10 tie-dye jokers. 


Take your set to the next level and get your travel case and accessories embroidered. Make yours stand out with your name, monogram, or graphic.

Over the shoulder case, case with handle and travel tote | $20 additional for embroidery

Inner Bags and wraps | $15 additional for embroidery 

Card Holder / Money Purses | $12 additional for embroidery


Personalize some of our other gifts and bags with this form of customization.

Crying Towels | $4 additional cost for stamping