Fill in the Blanks

Why are you selling blank sets of mah jongg tiles? Why do you even have blank sets of tiles? Glad you asked. Blank tiles serve two purposes: one is to use for custom jokers, the other is to replace a lost or damaged tile. This is why when you order a set of tiles from us, 4 blanks are included. Most of the sets we order will also have a set of 8 matching blanks, which are used for custom jokers. However, not everyone orders custom jokers and when we sell out of a certain tile we are sometimes left with blanks.

If you saw my previous blog about dye lots, you know that those blanks will only match one dye lot. Occasionally someone will ask for a blank set of tiles because they want to hand-paint their set. But we can help you create a unique engraved set. The set pictured were blanks from our best-selling rainbow tile. The customer was able to pick her favorite colors for the tile faces and our engraver did a remarkable job! Some blanks are also tiles that are either out of stock or designs we no longer carry.

If there’s a certain design you’ve been wanting, this is another way to get it. If you think custom engraving is out of your budget, you can get a full set of stickers HERE.

So if you want a fun, unique, one-of-a-kind mah jongg set, consider blank tiles and let your imagination run wild!

Check out our selection of blank tiles here: