Clean Fun Soap – Assorted Pack of Five


Comes with the following scents: Concealed Cranberry Almond, Little Sparrow Mint Jule, Mah Jongg Mango, Orange You Glad and Rack of Rasberry.

This is the most intense, fragrant, good smelling soap we have found. Mah Jongg Mango, Concealed Cranberry Almond, Orange You Glad You Play Mah Jongg, Little Sparrow Mint Julep and Rack of Raspberry! Five wonderful flavors ready to enjoy. Buy as individuals or a set of five ( one of each in shrink wrap – add some curling ribbon or raffia and you are good to go!) for gift giving. THIS IS A MUST! The perfect mix of herbs, flowers and oils to create the perfect balance of beauty and texture.

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