Navy Check Clearance American Mah Jongg Tiles


no custom jokers



These sets are non-refundable and non-returnable. No exceptions. 

Hand engraved, hand painted American Mah Jongg tiles. Each set is a unique work of art!

Save $25 on these clearance American Mah Jongg tile sets that are 100% playable!

They include at least 160 tiles of the same kind of tile. They are discounted because they may have small variations in color, scratches, smudges, color bleeds on the engraving or the dye lots don’t match exactly. The imperfections found on these tiles do not effect play. Stock availability subject to change without notice.

We guarantee all sets are playable and include:

36 Craks, 36 Bams, 36 Dots, 12 Dragons, 16 Winds, 8 Flowers, 8 Seasons, 8 Jokers: TOTAL | 160 tiles