Totally Rad 80’s Tribute American Mahjong Set Tiles, Combo Racks w/Pushers and Soft Case

$163.00 $109.99

Special Value Set Includes:

  • American Mah Jongg tiles in Green Checkered. 166 standard American Mah Jongg tiles are engraved and hand painted. Set includes 10 regular jokers and 4 blanks.
  • Set of four (4) Frosted Jeweled combo racks.
  • Green velour bag. Bag measures 22” x 8” x 4” (gusseted). Strap is 33” (16.5” over the shoulder).
  • Two Trays with Lids OR Upgrade to a matching velour pouch for $20.
  • Pair of Translucent Yellow dice.