Top 10 Questions about Marvelous Mah Jongg Card – ANSWERED

by Kimberly Powell, creator

Top Ten Marvelous Questions on the Marvelous Man Jongg Year of the Rooster Card

1. Can the “A” any tile be a Joker?

Yes, “A any tile” means ANY tile. In MMJ we use the A as a singleton and also as the letter A when spelling a Marvelous word. The “AA any pair” can be 5B5B, FF or JJ. Remember 5BJ is NOT a pair.

2. When I see a hand in the EVEN TONE section that contains a KKKK or a PPP, must the KKKK or the PPP be evens?

No, they can be ANY 4 like tiles ( KONG) or 3 like tiles ( Pung).

3. Under the EVEN TONE section, the hand FFF LI PPP 4444 MJ; the L and I are written in Black. Must they be the same suit?

Letters and numbers written in BLACK are not suit dependent. You may use any suit, they may be same suit or different.

4. In the ODD COLOR section, the MJ 111 3 5555 9999 hand, in parenthesis it states the M=W. Does that mean you may use any wind for a letter ‘M”?

M = West wind only. Take the “W” and turn it upside down for your “M”. Please refer to DEFINITIONS on the reverse of the card.

5. The ATOMIC Hand says any seven different pairs. Can you use 5B5B and 5C5C?

Yes, you may. They are different pairs! You may not use 5B5B 5B5B.

6. Under the GOT YOUR NUMBER section, the 48.8566 N and 02.3522 E hand, why are there decimal points in this hand?

They are there to help you realize that this is a LONGITUDE and LATITUDE number only. We do not have a decimal point!

7. In the PECKING ORDER section, the NEWS 13 14 15 16 17 hand, can you start the run at a different number?

No, you must use the numbers given 13-17.

8. How do you come up with this card?

I spend several months thinking of different number and word combinations. When I have a good set of hands, I make sure that players have the ability to move around the card as the game progresses, changing their hands as tiles become available or unavailable. When I have a working card, a team plays the card for a week to give me input. Then I adjust it , and DONE! I have many players around the US, CANADA and MEXICO that send me hand submissions for use. I love the input, it makes the MMJ card more fun.

9. When do the MMJ cards come out?

MMJ cards are released annually on January 1st of each year. We feature cards with the Chinese animal from the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

10. How many players play Marvelous Man Jongg?

We have sold cards for the past 10 years in over 6 countries, and have 15,000 players in the US alone!

Have fun and roll doubles!
Kimberly Powell
Marvelous Mah Jongg

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