5 Things To Look At When Buying Mah Jongg Tiles

Mah jongg tiles can vary dramatically from set to set. When you buy the tiles, it’s important to know what to look at to ensure you buy exactly what you need, whether it is for you or someone else. There are specifically five things to look at to make the buying process easier when shopping for tiles.

1. Size of Tiles

Don’t assume that all tiles are of the same size. Particularly with children and when you’re learning, it can be advantageous to use larger tiles. There are many different sizes to choose from and much of it will depend on preference as well as where you are going to play. Obviously, you cannot use large tiles if you are limited on space.

2. Set or Individual Tiles

It’s possible to buy Mah jongg tiles individually or as a full set. Some people are collectors of tiles and so if they already have a full set, there may be no need to go and buy them another one. However, they may appreciate a few new tiles to change things up a bit here and there. What you or someone else already has is likely going to help determine whether a set or individual tiles should be purchased.

3. What a Set Includes

Once you become familiar with the rules of mah jongg, you know that it’s not just about the tiles. There are full sets to include everything needed to play games with four or more people. The sets will often include the tiles, racks, a velvet or other style bag, as well as dice. Not all mah jongg sets include the same things, so it’s important to read the descriptions to ensure you are aware of what you will be getting.

4. Design

The design on Mah jongg tiles can vary significantly. Take the time to browse the designs to ensure they meet your personality. They can be light or dark tiles and even be made from various materials.

5. Price

The game of stacking tiles can be a lot of fun, but there is always a price associated with it. Making some comparisons can ensure you get the best price around. Where the Winds Blow has a reputation for providing high quality tiles at low prices.

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