Mah Jongg Hits Main Stream

As all Mah Jongg players know, playing Mah Jongg is a great way to keep your mind sharp while sharing a laugh with friends. Mah Jongg can be a thrilling mental workout that is great for players of all ages, and as more and more people realize this, the game has seen a huge growth in awareness and popularity.

“Crazy Rich Asians”just came out in theatres. Here is a Mah Jongg scene with the iconic green and white Mah Jongg tiles.

And the ABC show “Fresh Off The Boat”has tons of Mah Jongg references! One of my favorites is when Jenny Huang yells at her son for embarrassing her at Mah Jongg.

There’s increased interest in the younger population to learn. After school programs and summer camps now offer it, and it’s been a huge hit. Where The Winds Blow recently supported Greene Family Camp’s Mah Jongg class

For us at Where The Winds Blow, it’s heart-warming to sell sets as Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts, and to see the game growing in popularity among the younger generations, even college kids. There is a Mah Jongg class offered at University of Wisconsin Manitowoc, and Where The Winds Blow gets requests from college dorms who purchase automatic tables for their game rooms. ’s Brian Hertz writes,

“…the lounge was filled with Mah Jongg players, but these were not your mother’s or grandmother’s cohorts, munching fruit and gossiping about families and the news. These college-aged young people were eating Whataburger taquitos and honey butter chicken biscuits, cheering when they picked jokers, and jumping out of their chairs to proudly present their winning tile combinations…” 4

More and more people are seeing that Mah Jongg supports a healthy lifestyle and creating good habits at any age is always beneficial. Two of the main threats while aging are isolation and lack of activity, and a regular Mah Jongg game will help with both of those. If you’re looking to better your game or join a group, Where The Winds Blow has pages dedicated to finding local Mah Jongg teachers, groups, and tournaments  so you are able to find your Mahj squad. Additionally, Mah Jongg is becoming standard at senior centers. Did you know that Where The Winds Blow offers discounted sets to Senior Centers? If it’s not available at yours, ask management to add it to the lineup of activities.

With the popularity growing there’s been an explosion of tournaments. They are economical and people love them. Thinking of putting one one? Check out THIS BLOG on how to put one together. Need help with tournament prizes? Call or Email usand we can help.

Have you got a heart-warming story about the growth of Mah Jongg in your community, or about teaching Mah Jongg to a younger generation? Email it to us and if we use it, we will send you a coupon.


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