Keep It Fresh in the Summer (Repost)

During the summer months, Mah Jongg players often don’t get a chance to play. People go on vacation, or to another home, or they are watching grandkids, or have other commitments. The list of summertime activities is endless! Many groups have members who have to cancel much of the time, and some groups cancel the whole summer and just meet back up in the Fall. So, if you love playing, what to do?

With a little effort and by following some easy steps below, you can make sure no one in your group misses out and you never have to be without your Mah Jongg fix.


We recommend every group keep one or two substitutes on hand all year round. Folks who don’t want to commit to a regular time but are willing to fill in when needed. Substitutes are very valuable and you should always be on the lookout for substitutes for your group!

During the summer, If you find that your group is short one or two players, call your substitute (or substitutes) and ask if they will fill in more often during the summer, or at least the entire time you might be missing a player.


You may not even know it, but there might be several groups nearby you who are struggling with the same issue of people being unavailable. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends andgrow your group. Or if you’re one of the people who is away, you might be looking for a group in your area. Go to our GROUPS PAGE  and see who’s nearby. You may need to call one or two teachers in your area to find the groups. You can find teachers on our TEACHERS PAGE. You can also go onto Facebook’s largest Mah Jongg group, “May Jongg, That’s It!” to look for other players nearby. Mah Jongg players are friendly, social, and connected. They are not hard to find!


  • Change up the venue from week to week! Try a rotating schedule so Carol does not have to clean up every time. Thank you Carol, you are the best.
  • Grab some Kards and play some hot Flash games! Go on an adventure and play Mah Jongg somewhere new, like the local pizzeria, or a cafetaria, like Luby’s. These places tend to be welcoming to Mahj games.


Got a player who’s watching grand-kids? Spring for a neighborhood teenager to provide babysitting during game time. EVERYONE will greatly appreciate it! If the grand-kids are older, play in doubles, teach them the ropes and give them time to detox from all the screens. When they are done, they can enjoy the art of the game – or you can – with some Mah Jongg coloring books.


Summertime offers a wonderful opportunity to shake things up! Host themed Mah Jongg nights with costumes, a few small treats and maybe a prize or two. A unique evening is sure to bring your friends back to the Mah Jongg table.

  • High Tea Theme. You can use Mah Jongg servingware in our GIFTS for the HOME!
  • Southern Derby Party with Mint Juleps
  • If your area is temperate in the summer throw a garden party!
  • Monte Carlo Night with sequins and gold glitter Mah Jongg Tiles
  • Morning Brunch with quick mini quiches, fruit skewers and mimosas
  • If your area is temperate throw a garden party!
  • Have a variety of mini games ongoing throughout the night like last person to have their hat on, best costume, and winner of the most hands of the night gets a prize!
  • At the end of the summer throw a Mahj Awards, an evening event with fun red carpet theme outfits, final tournament style game and a grand prize to the winner of the most games, best costumes of the summer, etc. A Where The Winds Blow gift certificate would be the perfect grand prize!

Need more prize ideas? Summertime Prize Ideas


  • Get together with the group and make Mah Jongg Jewelry. Check out our bracelet tutorial blog for how to get started
  • Mah Jongg Cross Stitch with one of our needlepoint purses, and watch Classic Movies
  • Get together and make a grand masterpiece with these vintage bakelite tiles. Cover the top of a square table or make a small photo frame
  • Make some bling shirts with your gal pals with our rhinestone iron on motifs

Remember that even though what you do might take some time and effort, the other players in your group will be so grateful!

Keep playing!