Thanksgiving at Where The Winds Blow

Thanksgiving at Where The Winds Blow

by Lynn Chorn

This Thanksgiving is special at Where The Winds Blow. This is the first Thanksgiving without Harold Gluckman, whom we lost suddenly in July. Harold has been an integral part of daily life at Where The Winds Blow for the past two and a half years. He was also my Dad.

Thanksgiving was Harold’s favorite holiday. So it’s fitting to acknowledge all he did for us at Where The Winds Blow.

Harold believed in the future of Where The Winds Blow. He redesigned our cases on wheels so they would stand up on their own. He standardized our tile sizes so all our tiles now fit in plastic trays. He designed special velour tile bags to match our velour cases. Our customers loved these improvements.

Harold was instrumental in moving Where The Winds Blow from Katy to Houston (30 miles closer to town). Because of the move, our foot traffic increased five-fold. He organized the warehouse, implemented new inventory procedures, sourced and managed the importing of tons of amazing Mah Jongg products, as well as spearheading our discounted products program.

Because of him, we now offer automatic tables, with a 6 month replacement policy. He tirelessly and patiently helped many people set up their tables and made sure they could play on them effortlessly. He did so much more than I can mention here.

We do little things to honor him at Where The Winds Blow. We turn off the lights when no one is in the showroom (he got on us a lot about that). We always make sure every single set, and every single order, is checked and double checked before it is packed. We make sure the showroom and the warehouse stay clean.

Every time we do something at Where The Winds Blow that builds on what he created, even small things, we honor him. We remember those we’ve lost when we build on something they started, or when we accomplish something they helped us to do. This is so true in Harold’s case.

Every day I’m grateful for what Harold did for me, and for Where The Winds Blow, and for his contributions to the Mah Jongg community by bringing wonderful products to the US that mah Jongg players use and enjoy.

Every day, we remind ourselves to believe in the future just like he did. And every day, we are thankful to Harold for believing in us.

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