The Ultimate Mah Jongg Gift Giving Guide

Today I am giving you the gift of an all-inclusive gift guide for the fabulous Mah Jongg players in your life.

Let’s all be honest, there is at least one person on your list who has everything. You have no idea what to get that person, right? There are gift guides all over the internet to help with gifting for moms, dads, in-laws, co-workers, that person you saw once at the grocery store, and even our furry companions. I’m here to help you get a gift for the fabulous Mah Jongg players in your life.

Gifts That Wow

Gifting sets of Mah Jongg tiles is a wonderful way to say I appreciate and love you. Here are our top five sets of tiles to help you choose the best of the best. All of the tiles below are individually hand-engraved and hand-painted by an actual human (as opposed to machine-stamped).

  1. Rainbow (standard size, large print standard size, and jumbo size)
  2. Geisha (Limited Edition and going fast!)
  3. Turquoise Glitter (always a bestseller)
  4. Hearts (gorgeous tie dyed hearts)
  5. Silver Mardi Gras (pair with any color racks, looks best on black)
  6. Gold Glitter with Easy-read Engraving (huge hit)

Want to gift a customized set, but concerned about choosing the wrong tiles, racks, and bag, engraving and embroidery? Never fear my dear! Below are excellent ways for you to make gifting history.

Thoughtful gifts are the best gifts of all. Give the gift of customization by letting the recipient choose exactly what he or she wants through the excitement and simplicity of a Mah Jongg gift card.

  1. You love the idea of a gift card but you also want to give an ACTUAL gift? Here’s how: Order one of our I love Mah Jongg purses, then print the gift certificate and put it in the purse. Who doesn’t love a little online shopping spree? Have the recipient’s name embroidered on the purse for an extra special touch.
  2. How much to get the gift certificate for? Take a few moments yourself to go onto the website and build a beautiful set, complete with combo racks, a carrying case, tile bags, and dice so you’ll know exactly the price. Then get a gift card with an amount to cover plus a little over for a small extra gift (that’s what I always do). In general, $150 covers most sets, add customization and you’re up to $175-200.
  3. Take advantage of our free sample tiles. Grab a gift card and five free samples of tiles your loved one might like. You can wrap them up with the gift card and they can jump right into the joyful process of making something all your own.

Nifty Gifties

  1. Grab a “Do you play Mah Jongg” t-shirt and when you wrap it up slip the printed gift card inside the folded shirt. The person will be delighted by the fun shirt and when holding it up, the gift card will fall into his or her lap! T-shirts available in S, M, or L.
  2. Similarly, you could get a few pairs of Mah Jongg socks and fill a box then put the gift card in the bottom of the box or inside one pair.  (Recommended, cube box)
  3. Grab a bundled set of mugs and be everyone’s best friend when you show up to holiday events with the goods for hot drinking chocolate. We have all seen holiday themed mugs with powdered mix. How about we take this gift and give it a mahj-over. A beautiful Mah Jongg mug filled to the brim with chocolates of your choice for the recipient to make drinking chocolate with (or become the recipient’s new chocolate stash).
  4. Personalized crying towels are all in good fun and make incredibly thoughtful gifts. If you want to add a little something extra, grab a bottle of wine and some ribbon and you can wrap the bottle with the towel such that the name is front and center. Place the entire gift in a bag and get ready for some fun times!
  5. Wine Charms, Jewelry, and assorted Gifts Under $10 for stocking stuffers!

The Ultimate Mah Jongg Gift – An Automatic Mah Jongg Table

Cover a Birthday, Anniversary, and Holiday Gift in one shot! Or get together with your Mah Jongg group and gift it to a special member. Let us know if you need a special delivery date and we will accommodate you. Truly the Ultimate Gift!

Everybody has somebody to buy Mah Jongg goodies for. From glorious gifts of extravagance that display boundless love and affection to nifty gifties for the girls you share your evenings of joyful Mah Jongg play. It’s the season the share generosity and show the important people in your life how you feel about them!