Want to learn MahJongg but need a mentor?

Where The Winds Blow loves to support the Mah Jongg community, and all people who love Mah Jongg!

Below is a great group that is really making a difference in helping people UP THEIR GAME!!

MahJonggMentor is devoted to helping beginner, intermediate and advanced players improve their game. The website, launched in August 2014 has now evolved to include over 100 interactive videos, a free newsletter, FAQs, and on line community of almost 1000 players.

Meet the Mentors!
Leah Feigenbaum learned as a child from games around the kitchen table, and has been teaching professionally for the last eight years at adult schools and community centers throughout the Philadelphia area.

Sue Pritchard learned the game after organizing a Meetup group many years ago. She owns several businesses, but has caught the MJ bug, plays several times a week, attends tournaments and dabbles with collecting vintage sets.
Arlene Marron, a full time nurse by profession, has been playing four years, “I had no idea about the game, but had free time and wanted a hobby, so I came to Sue’s beginner class.”
Faye Somers, a website developer with her own IT support business, has played and taught Mah Jongg not only in the US, but has lived, played and taught in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. She too, stays active in playing regularly.

While engaged in a weekly game, the women joked it would be great to have a website devoted to aiding others in making better playing decisions. Over a year, they researched current sites and queried focus groups to determine players preferences and what “Mah Jongg instruction” they wanted. MahJonggMentor was created. Each member lent her professional skills, and honed new ones, to fashion the site.

The website is attractive to players at all levels. Beginning instructions include an introduction to the tiles, the card concepts, startup wall and deal, and Charleston basics. More advanced videos include defensive play, valuable tiles and dead hands. The rules of Chinese and Japanese Mah Jongg are also discussed.

Sue Pritchard“One of the advantages is you can start at your skill level and watch the videos over and over,” said Pritchard. “As you improve, you become faster and more competitive, or just gain confidence and enjoy playing more”. For more information, visit MahJonggMentor.

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