Where to Buy Mah Jongg Set

Why Mah Jongg?

I am recently retired, and I was looking for a fun, engaging way to fill my time and I happened upon Mah Jongg. I was hooked immediately. Mah Jongg is a great way to spend time with your friends, and it is mentally challenging, so it helps keep me sharp. The rules may seem challenging at first, but you can learn them quickly. It is also just a fun game!

What Should I look for in a Mah Jongg Set?

The most important aspect of a set is the Mah Jongg tiles. There are a variety of styles for different tastes. Some may enjoy a simple set with white tiles, but others may prefer a colorful set of tiles. You can even find some sets that support breast cancer research!

Aside from the tiles, you should also look into what kind of case you want, and if you want wooden stands to hold the tiles as you play.

Where to buy a Mah Jongg set?

There are numerous kinds of Mah Jongg with different sets of rules, but every different variation of Mah Jongg still requires a similar set. Still, among my friends, where to buy Mah Jongg set is a concern. Most of us do not have time to travel around and look for sets at different stores, and anyway, the selection is usually pretty limited. Instead, Where the Winds Blow has a large and diverse selection of sets. They have all different kinds of style that should fit to almost everybody’s taste. If you play American, Chinese, or any other kind of Mah Jongg, then you will find what you need at Where the Winds Blow.

Even if you already have a Mah Jongg set, it is always a good idea to have more than one. Pro Mah Jongg players usually have several sets for different occasions or for different styles of play.

Having a nice set of Mah Jongg that you can be proud of is very important to enjoying the game. I could not be happier with the set I got from Where the Winds Blow. It makes me like playing Mah Jongg that much more!

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