Destination Mah Jongg…

Authors: Fern Oliphant and Sheryl Perry

Great ideas come from great passion. My passion has always been whatever my son needed or wanted. As our children grow up/away they seemingly need less, so our world changes and our purpose shifts.

Mah Jongg was my mom’s game, and her mom’s game before her. But I played too. The game is a way to connect with others, and stay connected socially and mentally. What I realized is how both modern and timeless the game really is. New people coming into the game, all ages, all backgrounds – but the game remained the same with just one exception, now there is growth in tournaments.

Then it hit me. What if every winner of every tournament could qualify for a big money World Championship? What if the travel Mah Jongg tournament world was upgraded to a true upscale destination Mah Jongg event. What if the Tournament world created a more enjoyable, yet competitive game with the goal of a richer prize? And there it was – Destination Mah Jongg and The Mah Jongg World Championships.

I love Mah Jongg as do millions of others. All it was missing was the excitement of a championship to win a Golden Ticket and big pay day, at MJWC. ( So off I went. But what I was missing was a partner who had the same passion I did for both the game and the business opportunity. Then I met Sheryl Perry from 4 Winds Mah Jongg Tournaments and we instantly completed each other.

I (Sheryl) have been running tournaments for 7 years and have gained such a passion for the game, the people and the level that tournaments bring to the Mah Jongg game. After running a Tournament at Foxwoods in CT. this past year I wanted nothing more than to continue to grow and then Fern came along and there wasn’t anything to consider except for how to proceed.

In addition to having tournament directors around the country in charge of awarding Golden Tickets, Destination Mah Jongg will be holding qualifier tournaments around the country. We will be in Scarsdale, NY, Ocala, Florida, Atlanta, GA, Northbrook, IL and then the Mah Jongg World Championship in Las Vegas July 22-24, 2016.

We are so excited to be on this journey with the rest of America and on the path to making Mah Jongg History. Fern and I are proud to help spread the word of other tournaments on our site so people can continue to connect and have new experiences and we are so blessed to have players already so excited about their Golden Tickets and sharing the news. We look forward to seeing you at a destination around the country and May the Jokers be with you!

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