Why don’t I win more often?

by Pam Max

“The reason I’m taking your class is because I wonder why I don’t win at Mah Jongg more often!”

Hi, I’m Pamela Max, and my passion has been playing Mah Jongg for 37 years. I have also enjoyed creating & running Mah Jongg fundraising tournaments for many years. My greatest joy has been teaching multi-level classes, including Mah Jongg strategy, for the past 12 years. These classes incorporate Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels.

Many of my past Intermediate & Advanced players tell me; “I’m taking your class because I can’t figure out why I don’t Maj very often.” However, they are reluctant to recognize that they can still learn unrecognized facets of the game. For that purpose, I have developed my own formula which is integrated in one of my more popular classes called “Choosing Your Hand.”

Do you have bad habits while playing Mah Jongg?

For example, here’s just one: Do you use your card to push all your tiles on your rack at one time? Ask yourself the following question: “What is the point of having the tiles on your rack all mixed up?” In my experience, I have found that moving tiles around & prolonging your set up time to choose a hand is generally non-productive. It’s for this reason that players don’t think of choosing a hand until they have all their tiles organized on the rack.

A more useful strategy would be to have all 13 tiles still on the card turning them over 1 at a time! Why is that? First of all…it’s exciting to turn each tile individually as if you are opening a holiday gift to reveal each one. But primarily, the reason for this approach is to use this time more productively to consider what hands you may be able to play. This strategy will give you an advantage over other players.

A winning Mah Jongg hand is often achieved by using your time more productively and sharpening your skills. Isn’t it about time you played Maj better?

This is just one of the many strategies I teach in my class, and will be featuring on my blog and in my upcoming videos. I teach Mah Jongg classes in 8 venues in the Chicago suburbs. Contact me for more details if you’d like to join one of my classes. Video Mah Jongg classes will be  coming soon online. Check out my weekly blogs for more tips on my Facebook Everything Maj and you contact me at everythingmaj AT gmail DOT com.