As I have written in the introduction to my blog (www.mahjonggandme.com), Mah Jongg is not just a game for me – it has become a part of my life that allows me to entertain my Mah Jongg-playing friends, cook great meals to serve to them, and test my mental skills during our game play (which, hopefully, is often). These are just a few of the reasons why I love the game of Mah Jongg.

In fact, I love Mah Jongg on so many different levels and for so many different reasons.

I love Mah Jongg because I know it has challenged and strengthened my brain as I work on all the different components of the game and as I try to become a better and more skilled player.

I love Mah Jongg because it gives me the opportunity to bring my MJ friends as guests into my home. It allows me the chance to prepare interesting recipes so that I might serve a beautifully presented and special lunch, which is then followed by hours of fun and exciting game play.

I love Mah Jongg because it has brought back my long-dormant teaching skills. Teaching the game to beginners gives me great personal rewards as I watch the expression on new players’ faces as the fundamentals of the game suddenly dawn upon them. This is always followed by the desire to learn more and play often. Teaching the strategies of the game to a more experienced player brings great delight to me – I see these students become stronger players as they figure out that strategy is a large part of the big picture of Mah Jongg. Nothing could make me happier when one of my students finesses a great play and/or when they declare Mah Jongg. The greatest reward is to see them beat me at the game!

I love Mah Jongg for allowing me to imagine who once played with the tiles of the vintage sets I have collected. As I play with those vintage sets I close my eyes and try to picture who once sat at a similar table of four people, clicking and discarding those beautiful tiles. What fun I have as I imagine back to those long-ago days!

I love Mah Jongg for introducing me to the most wonderful and caring community of people. As I have traveled around the country giving presentations about the game, I have met such amazing people – people who I suspect will be my friends for the rest of my life. I have said the following so many times: Mah Jongg people are the best people!

I know I have many more reasons for loving our beloved game of Mah Jongg – what are yours?

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