Ideas for One-of-a-Kind Sets from Master Designer Libby Mintz

Welcome to my first blog! I never thought when I minored in art at the University of Arizona that I would actually be able to put it to use. But here I am, helping customers bring their visions to life every week. From offering advice on which tiles, ink colors, fonts, bag color, to thread color, graphics, placement of text…so many choices you probably don’t realize are involved in putting your dream set together. I love getting to see the results of my work and hear about the joy it brings not only to the customer who ordered it but to everyone who is lucky enough to play with them! I have many ideas for custom sets and hope they will inspire you.

I understand a lot of people enjoy playing mah jongg at the beach and this is my idea for a nautical-themed set:

1. Blue stripe tiles

Red glitter (or just red) crab

Jokers, red & white beach chair with LUCKY above & YOU! below in blue glitter script or curly

Dark blue (or red) combo racks

Blue velour bag w/red crab

Red translucent dice

2. Gold & Silver glitter tiles

Black Manhattan skyline #2

Jokers, coral glitter apple with THE BIG in black hobo above

Clear frosted combo racks

Black velour bag w/silver metallic skyline

Fuchsia glitter dice

3. Red stripe tiles

Black Chinese takeout container w/chopsticks

Lucky You jokers

Red combo racks

Black velour bag with red oriental name or oriental monogram

Black glitter dice


Hope you enjoy my ideas! Please call or email me so I can help you put together YOUR set that’s uniquely YOU!