Let’s Get Punny! Time for a Mah Jongg Funny Slogan Contest

Let’s Get Punny! Help spread Mah Jongg fun!

Are you known for your hilarious one liners around the Mahj table? Or perhaps your Mah Jongg expertise makes you uniquely able to concentrate sage wisdom into the perfect groan-worthy pun. It’s your time to shine!

For the entire month of March, Where The Winds Blow Mah Jongg is hosting a Mah Jongg punny slogan contest. Winners will win a $100 gift certificate! What’s YOUR favorite personal Mah Jongg pun or slogan? Contest entrance is free and you can submit as many as you like!

Here’s how it works:

Submit your Mah Jongg puns and slogans (like what you’d see on a t-shirt) before March 31, 2018. They must be 2-15 words and you can submit as many as you want, just skip a line in between each one when you fill out the form. If it makes us laugh out loud, we’ll rate yours very highly. Try to be original and clever!

Lucky winners will receive a $100 Where The Winds Blow gift certificate and we’ll post your puns on our Facebook page. Spread some Mah Jongg joy!

ENTER by CLICKING ON THIS LINK or cutting and pasting this into your browser:  wherethewindsblow.com/contest

Bettor get started!

Some Punny Examples:

Only the good Mah Jongg!

Hand over a JOKER and nobody gets hurt!

We’d bettor play Mah Jongg!

You had me at Mah Jongg!

E-verybody get down tonight! Everybody Mah Jongg tonight!

Peace, Love, and Mah Jongg!