Why Mother’s Day and Mah Jongg go together like “Doubles”?

Ninety percent of Mah Jongg players (in this part of the world) are women over the age of 35, so it’s no surprise that Mother’s Day is important to us. After all, if we’re not mothers ourselves, we are daughters (or even sons) and chances are good our own mothers played or even taught us. So Mah Jongg players all celebrate Mother’s Day together, and just like all mothers, we want to leave a lasting legacy.

Mah Jongg players are a special breed. We’re social. You can’t really play this game if you don’t like people. We’re tenacious. After all, you must stick with it to get good, and Mah Jongg is not that easy to learn on your own, so most of us had a teacher, and you must play to improve. That takes commitment. And we’re smart. This game is all about strategy, with a little luck thrown in. Most of all, we believe in charity, and giving back to the community. The majority of Mah Jongg tournaments are successful fundraisers for all sorts of charities. Where The Winds Blow is proud to have supported thousands of tournaments because we feel the same way! For more on where to find a tournament, or what we can do for YOUR tournament, visit our Tournaments page.

Being a Mah Jongg player is part of our identity, just like being a mom or a daughter. We’re proud, it gives us joy, and is deeply personal. Many learned to play from our mothers or taught our daughters. Jobs are found, and couples are set up at Mah Jongg games. Connections and new friends are created and sometimes even crimes are solved (read the book, Should have Played Poker). Mah Jongg threads through our lives like a tapestry, and in our Mah Jongg community, there are groups that have endured for 50 years that still play every week (although maybe now with the larger print tiles).

But mostly, it’s about love. We love ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities, AND the game. At Where The Winds Blow, people buy gifts not only for Moms but for grandmothers, granddaughters, mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, step-daughters, women we consider to be our daughters, and so on. My staff and I are constantly surprised and delighted at all the wonderful things people do for the Mah Jongg players in their lives. We love hearing stories of someone opening a special gift and getting teary-eyed because it really is THAT thoughtful. If that’s what you are going for, call us for our help in getting that identical reaction.

Celebrating Mother’s Day is what Mah Jongg players are all about: love. And although it may sound cheesy, it really is the good stuff. If life were a job, then love is the pay, and Mah Jongg is the bonus. And what better legacy to leave than spreading love in the world for future generations? I can’t think of any!

Happy Mother’s Day!