Royale Siamese Mah Jongg (4-handed)

Royale Siamese Mah Jongg (4-handed) Reprinted with permission By Gladys Grad Click here to purchase Siamese racks. FOUR PLAYERS/2 SETS/TWO RACKS EACH. Two players face each other; and place 2 racks in front of each player. (“NOTE from Nat  “You might want to use slightly different colored tile sets, e.g., a white and a cream […]

Thinking of Starting a Mah Jongg Group?

by Linda Fisher While there are still some fortunate players out there who have played for decades, week after week, with the same four or five players, today’s world presents a different picture. Between vacations, cruises, snowbirding and visiting family in different parts of the country, trying to keep a small group together can be […]